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The following are actual patient reviews from patients treated by Dr. Swanson

Health Condition: Neck Pain, Back Pain, and limited range of motion

Comments: When I first came to Swanson Chiropractic I suffered from excruciating neck pain, limited range of motion in my neck, and crippling back pain. I arrived at Swanson Chiropractic with hesitation and basically as a last ditch effort to relieve pain before consulting an Orthopedic Physician.

The staff was polite, professional, and compassionate and seemed to understand my needs. Dr Swanson and his medical team assessed my complaints and consulted with me to explain my issues. The time was taken by the doctor to actually educate me on subluxation and other probable causes of issues such as these. A treatment plan was specifically designed and a plan of action was put in place to get me out of pain.

Honestly, I was somewhat a skeptic to chiropractic care, but was at a point where I would try anything for pain relief. After several months of routine care by the doctors at Swanson Chiropractic I found that the pain was subsiding and the range of motion in my neck was returning! I could actually turn my neck to change lanes in traffic, and without pain! I was able to get out of bed in the morning with out rolling onto the floor first. Now, after three months of consistent care, I AM PAIN FREE!

I am certainly a believer in chiropractic medicine as well as the incredible staff and physicians here at Swanson Chiropractic.

Thank you,

~ Patrick B.

Health Condition: Ear Infections, chronic upper respiratory problems; congestion; asthma; allergies

Comments: Since birth my son has had chronic congestion and upper respiratory problems. His physician wanted to put him on allergy medication and a nebulizer for suspected exercise-induced asthma. Since starting treatment with Dr. Swanson his asthma has not flared up, allowing him to be an active 3 year old with no discomfort. For the first time, since birth, he is able to sleep through the night because his cough and congestion are gone.

My son loves coming to see Dr. Swanson and has even asked to see him so that Dr. Swanson can, “fix my back,” as he says. He’s a happier and healthier child, and I believe that chiropractic has played a part in that.

Libby G for Jordan H

Health Condition: Mid back pain, wrist and arm pain

Comments: I came in a couple months ago with back pain along with pain in my hands, wrist, and arm. I work at a computer all day and I often experienced pain while working. After seeing Dr. Swanson the pain started decreasing and occurring less often. Now, after 20 visits, all that is left is a little ache in my back, at times. I’m very happy with my decision to seek chiropractic care, and more importantly, to come to Dr. Swanson. THANKS!

~ Terry B.

My story is short and sweet. I was having severe pain in my lower back, the hollowing sharp type, and pain in my right leg, continuous pain. After an x-ray to determine where the problem was and following up with just one treatment I remember walking out to my truck and thinking, there is no pain in my leg or my back. And to sum it up I haven’t had a sign of back pain since.

Thanks Dr. Swanson,

~ Vernon M.

I have been taking my daughter to see Dr. Swanson since she was about 11 months old and she is now 18 months old. She was having recurring ear infections about once every month prior to me taking her in but since she has been seeing Dr. Swanson she has not had 1 ear infection! I only wish that I had started taking her sooner and that I had taken my son since he had tubes put in his ears before he was 1 year old. Thank you so much Dr. Swanson for always taking care of Emaleigh.

~Tara S.