Chiropractic for Kids

Chiro Kids


  • Yes! Of course we treat kids of all ages, they have nervous systems too!
  • Dr. Swanson has treated patients/infants one day old and up.
  • Why? To check for a fully function nervous system, the most important part of the body.
  • The birth process, even under optimal conditions, is potentially a traumatic event for the fetus.
  • The adjustments provided to infants and children allow the body to heal itself and limit the dependence on medication.
  • The pressure of an adjustment is gentle, specific, and involves less pressure used during the delivery process of the baby.

Commonly Treated Conditions

Listen to what our patients are saying…

I have been taking my daughter to see Dr. Swanson since she was about 11 months old and she is now 18 months old. She was having recurring ear infections about once every month prior to me taking her in but since she has been seeing Dr. Swanson she has not had 1 ear infection! I only wish that I had started taking her sooner and that I had taken my son since he had tubes put in his ears before he was 1 year old. Thank you so much Dr. Swanson for always taking care of Emaleigh.

– Tara