Four Factors In a Well-Designed Strength and Conditioning Program

There are a number of components that should be included in a solidly-designed fitness program. Whether the program is based around distance running or Olympic weightlifting, developing full-body strength and control is necessary to prevent injury and improve the strength of individual body parts.

The first part of a well-designed program is the warmup. Too many athletes simply go out for a run, or walk into a gym and start lifting things. The point of the warmup is to get blood flowing, activate muscles that will be used during the workout, put joints through their full range of motion, and iron out muscle imbalances between limbs. Warmups will also help athletes get a sense of their bodies, practice movements they would otherwise never do, and check areas for soreness or injury.

A second important factor to include is developing stability on one or two legs. This involves both jumping and landing, which both require good form and practice in order to prevent injury. ACL tears are a huge problem in professional and amateur sports, and everyday athletes are just as susceptible to them as million-dollar NBA superstars. Learning the ability to jump and land on one leg without collapsing or tearing a ligament can save an athlete a year of training and thousands of dollars in corrective surgery. Plyometrics can also be used to increase speed and jumping power.

Third, it is important to build strength with a program that includes the following: upper body pulling movements, upper body pushing movements, hip-dominant lower body movements, and knee-dominant lower body movements. Exercise programs should be developed that balance these four ideas, especially in the pull-push and hip-knee areas. While most athletes are only too happy to do bench presses and leg presses, muscle imbalances can quickly develop if they neglect such exercises as pullups or deadlifts. Balance is key here.

Finally, change of direction training should be considered. This also reflects the second requirement, but builds upon it. Once athletes can land safely, they should develop the ability to take off, accelerate, slow down, stop, and change directions. The faster this is done, the more force will be put into the joints when stopping and changing directions. This can lead to injury if done before an athlete is prepared for it, but this ability can also be trained.

With these four components of a training program, both strength and speed can be developed, while minimizing the risk of a non-contact injury such as an ACL tear. Of course, other factors should also be taken into consideration, such as proper nutrition, and the details of the weightlifting program itself. However, by following these guidelines for the exercise routine in general, athletes can develop safely and properly, as well as see gains as quickly as they are able.

Chiropractic Treatments Can Help You Be More Productive and Think More Clearly

In addition to the immediate physical improvements that can be achieved with chiropractic treatments, studies are also showing that mental improvements are possible with just one visit to a chiropractor. Obviously, if you are relieved of back pain, you can be a lot more productive physically, but it’s possible that chiropractic treatments can improve your brain power as well.

Maybe the mental improvement is the process of helping the mind forget about the pain so it can focus on other things, but tested individuals scored higher on tests after treatments and claim to have a renewed energy towards existing creative projects. These tests are ongoing and will continue to uncover the different ways the brain can benefit from a chiropractic treatments, but for now we’ll assume that the relieved pain and stress are enough to provide this improvement.

Even when you are not experiencing pain from a spinal subluxation, it doesn’t mean you don’t have problems. In many long and short term injury cases, the body has blocked the pain, but the problem still exists. By fixing these problems through the body and the spine, you can improve the circulation of blood and help your body function to its fullest extent, including your brain.

So next time you are feeling unmotivated or need some creative inspiration, consider visiting a chiropractor for a quick treatment. Your back might even feel better as a result!

Main Differences Between Visiting a Medical Doctor and a Chiropractor

When you are injured or sick, there are many different options to consider for treatment, such as over the counter drugs, home remedies, medical doctors, and chiropractors, just to name a few. Of course, you can always do nothing, with the hope that time will heal your problems as well. In reality, it’s not “time” that heals your body, it is your body doing the healing and these treatments assist your body with the healing process. But which form of treatment will help your body recover most quickly? This article will help you understand the process behind different forms of treatment.

First of all, if you have had an accident, or if it is an emergency situation, call 911 immediately and get help. Calling 911 is the fastest and most reliable method of getting help in an emergency situation. If you do not have en emergency situation, you need to consider the type of help you need. Chiropractors can help with almost any type of injury or medical situation, but a medical doctor or specialist may be better suited for specific problems like broken bones, diseases, or allergic reactions. But in general, the fastest way to find out how to get treated is to call your chiropractor or family doctor and speak with the doctor to find out what they recommend. Chiropractors are generally easier to speak with directly, while medical offices will generally tell you to schedule an appointment to see the doctor.

The biggest difference between medical doctors and chiropractors is that chiropractors will help you avoid using drugs and will opt for a more natural solution to your problems. Most chiropractors also work closely with medical doctors so drugs can be used when necessary, but as a last resort. Because of these close relationships with doctors, this allows you to seek help from a chiropractor for most medical problems.

Doing nothing is generally a bad idea for most problems, just in case you have something serious that will not heal with time. Since a doctor or chiropractor can assess your problem immediately, you should always make a simple phone call to see what the office recommends. Sometimes a quick office visit can help you get better in just a few days, and eliminate the risk that your problem will get worse.

Three Types of Walking and Their Effects on Lower Back Pain

Can walking really cure a bad low back? While the word “cure” may be a little too strong, certain types of walking may have a therapeutic effect for people who have suffered a back injury. However, it is important to differentiate between these different methods of walking because some types may actually lead to a sore or uncomfortable back.

The first type of walk to consider is slowly walking, or strolling. While strolling, he compressive forces on the lumbar spine (lower back) are about two-and-a-half times body weight. This is usually far lower than the forces that would be necessary to cause an injury to the discs, ligaments, or bones of the low spine. However, slower walking puts the spine into a position where it does not move, while the forces are low but constant. Over time, this type of walking may lead to overuse soreness, or exacerbate symptoms of lower back pain.

Faster walking, though, can provide a more beneficial effect to low back pain sufferers. Walking fast is associated with the same amount of compressive loading as slower walking, which is (again) lower than would be necessary to create an injury. The difference is that fast walking creates cyclical forces on the spine and other tissues, especially with arm swinging. Swinging the arms results in lower forces on the spine, lower amounts of torque, and lower muscle activation, when compared to slow walking. This may create the health benefits associated with walking.

One final type of walking to try is carrying a backpack that is loaded in the lower portion. The backpack may be loaded with up to 20-25 lbs of weight, and the walking should be done over uneven ground. The weight leads to back extension and a more upright walking and standing position. With more back extension rather than flexion, compressive loads can actually be decreased, even with a weighted backpack being worn. The purpose of the uneven ground is to cause the walker to generate movement in the lower back, providing a further therapeutic effect.

Thus, an exercise as simple as walking can either exacerbate or reduce the symptoms of back pain, especially lower back pain. Slow strolling, on the one hand, may lead to more back soreness and discomfort due to overuse and static forces on the spine. Faster walking with arm swinging, and walking with a weighted backpack over uneven ground, on the other hand, if used properly, can actually help reduce symptoms of back pain.

Should Your Children Carry Backpacks, Gym Bags, or Rolling Bags?

Many parents are concerned about the well-being of their children at school and they understand the problems that their kids face when carrying their books, lunch, and other belongings back and forth to school each day. This brings up the question about which mode of carrying is the best for their backs?

A recent study in Germany showed that the backpack is more safe for children when compared to a rolling bag (similar to carry-on luggage with wheels), as long as the weight was appropriate. The study showed that both option can cause back problems, but the rolling luggage caused additional stress that the backpack did not. Specifically, the rolling luggage caused spinal rotation.

Gym bags are another know source of back problems, because you have to balance the weight on one side, causing added pressure or strain to your spine. Picking up an overloaded gym bags can also cause pulled muscles and can cause your child to physically do harm to their back. Gym bags are probably the least desirable method of carrying because the carrying position and the extra weight that can be added to these bags.

Backpacks are a good solution, but the weight of the backpack needs to be monitored. The backpack should never weigh more than 15% of your child’s body weight and it should be adjusted so it does not hand below their waist. While your children are growing, the muscular and skeletal systems can be affected by these simple things and can cause long term problems, so always monitor your children closely and make sure they understand how to use their bags correctly.

Brief History of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors have been helping people for various problems with the body since 1895. Even though this is a well established medical profession and form of treatment, there are still many people that don’t understand or believe in chiropractic treatments. Much of this mistrust is because of an illegal conspiracy from the medical industry to eliminate chiropractors. Over the years, the benefits of chiropractic care have proven to overcome any obstacles that have stood in its way. This article will try to help you understand more about the profession and how chiropractic treatments have become an accepted form of treatment for many problems throughout the body.

Daniel David Palmer is credited as being the first chiropractor and was actually put in jail several times for practicing medicine without a license. D.D. Palmer is said to have found a correlation with spinal subluxations, deafness, and heart problems, which prompted him to further his research in chiropractic treatments. Although his findings are still somewhat controversial, his research has led to many discoveries about how the alignment of the spine can drastically affect the rest of the body. He continued his chiropractic care and eventually started a school of chiropractic. Today, this school is one of the most respected schools for chiropractors in the world.

Chiropractors and medical doctors may not always see eye to eye when it comes to treating different ailments of the body, but in the end, both professionals want what is best for the patient. However, chiropractors will tend to consider the long term effects that different treatments will have on the body and will search for the root cause of a problem. And rather than using medicines to mask the pain or treat the problem, chiropractors adjust the body to help it heal itself and restore balance in the body. Drugs and medicines can have a long term negative effect on the body and can even cause greater problems than they were meant to fix. This is why most chiropractors will help their patients avoid putting drugs, chemicals, or other toxins into their bodies.

Since the entire body is controlled by the nerves running through the spine, it’s easy to understand why a misaligned spine can cause so many problems throughout the body. A Chiropractor can help re-align the spine to get the entire body functioning the way it was meant to. This will help the body naturally heal many problems that may have occurred before the adjustments, not to mention the pain that can be relieved once the body is back to its proper position.

Chiropractors have been through many hardships throughout history and each and every time, the practice survives because of the tremendous benefits that result from these treatments. If you are in doubt of what a chiropractor can do to improve your health, please visit an office near you and speak with a chiropractor personally so you can make the best decisions about your health and well-being.

Staying Hydrated and Healthy After A Chiropractic Appointment

After you visit a chiropractor, your body is going to feel different and you may even feel sore or have different aches and pains than when you arrived. This is because your body is going through the healing process and is trying to re-align itself to achieve a state of balance or homeostasis. During this time it is very important to eat healthy and keep your body hydrated.

Drinking water is important, because it is needed to flush the toxins out of your body that are released during chiropractic and massage treatments. We recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day and even more on the treatment days. Water is vital to keeping healthy and is needed to help your body recover from injury.

A healthy diet is also important during the time of your treatments. Eating a healthy diet composed of small portions of meat and lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts will help the recovery process and should help your mental state as well.

Another important exercise to do after your treatment is to take a 10 or 20 minute walk to keep your back loose and your spine time to adjust. Avoid using the problem areas and try to resist touching our massaging the areas that were adjusted.

Distance Running No Longer Useful For Athletes?

For most athletes interested in building strength and power, distance running may be both not useful and actually counterproductive. This is for the vast majority of youth, high school, and college athletes who participate in team sports (other than cross country or the longer distances in track competition).

One of the main problems with long distance running is that injuries are frequent. Runners alternate between two states: that of training, and that of recovering from an injury. Furthermore, even in the sports, such as cross country and longer track events, that involve distance running, there is only so much endurance that is necessary.

There is a point at which an athlete’s endurance crosses a threshold to be “good enough,” and it becomes necessary to work on other aspects of their performance. This is the time to begin or continue to work on speed, power, agility, and strength, rather than simply adding more miles.

Steady state aerobic exercise like distance running is a useful precursor to speed training, but it should be done only to increase an athlete’s ability to handle more intense workouts. Once an athlete can run for 20-30 minutes without stopping or experiencing soreness, it is time to stop working on quantity.

Quality becomes the main issue at that point, and workouts should revolve around speed training. This, of course, does not have to involve simply running. The main component of an athlete’s running form is how much force they can produce and put into the ground to propel them forward.

With the increase of force production the main goal of a speed training program, activities such as lifting weights and plyometrics should be considered. Deceleration training, or learning the ability to absorb greater and greater amounts of force, should also be used to develop speed.

The two main lifts that should be included in any strength program are the deadlift and the squat. The deadlift may be the most important for developing speed, as the ability to put force directly into the ground is necessary to lift heavy weights. Also, the deadlift targets the muscles of the hips and hamstrings, which are used primarily in running.

Another benefit of interval training is the increased lean body mass that sprinters have, in comparison to long distance runners. In fact, sprinters, even though they are heavier and more muscular in appearance, often have less body fat than the leanest distance runners. The larger muscles that are required for fast running take more energy to maintain than the shorter muscle fibers used in distance.

Developing endurance is relatively very easy compared to developing true speed. This is one reason why hundreds or thousands of people may sign up for a 5k or marathon and complete it. Very few people would be willing to sign up for a 100 meter race, however.

Chiropractic Treatments Are More Than Just Spinal Manipulation

Many people think of chiropractic treatments only as a way to relieve back pain, but there are 100’s of other great reasons people are visiting chiropractors. Chiropractors are professionally trained to help with many different ailments throughout the body and can help with many more problems than just back pain. We’ll review just a few other conditions chiropractors can treat.

Prevent Injuries – One of the most under valued benefits of regular chiropractic treatments is preventing future health problems or injuries. This is especially true for athletes, but everyone can benefit from regular treatments. Chiropractors can help keep your body in correct working order, help you stay more relaxed, and improve your circulation.

Pulled/Strained Muscles – Chiropractors can work wonders on pulled or strained muscles, in fact, many people have a full recovery after just a few treatments, when it could have taken weeks to recover without the treatments.

Aching Joints & Ligaments – By treating the problems that cause these aches and pains, and by helping the body heal itself naturally, many people become virtually pain free after chiropractic treatments.

Numbness In Extremities – There are a number of reason people experience numbness in their arms, lets, fingers, and toes, and chiropractors can help with the treatment of the most common causes.

These are just a few of the common problems that can be fixed with chiropractic care. Other know benefits are improved immune, nervous, and digestive system functions, as well as overall vitality. Come see us today to find out how we can improve your life and well-being.

Pregnant Women Are Advised To Try Chiropractic

When women are pregnant, their bodies go through drastic changes to prepare for carrying, protecting, and sustaining the new baby. This process creates a tremendous strain on the neck and back as well as many muscles and ligaments throughout the body. Chiropractors can help relieve the pain and uncomfortable feelings that accompany these changes.

Chiropractic adjustments and related treatments are completely safe for both mom and baby, but always tell your doctors if you are pregnant or if you are planning on having a baby. This will allow your chiropractor to create a specialized treatment plan to provide the most benefit to you and your baby. Chiropractic adjustments are healthy and non-invasive and can make the entire pregnancy term and birthing process much easier for women.

During chiropractic treatments for pregnant women the doctor will help to loosen tight joints and muscles and can use soft tissue techniques to help relieve tension with ligaments. Chiropractic treatments can also help pelvis pain, which is caused when the pelvis joint is under added pressure and is tilting anteriorly during the pregnancy.

Chiropractic treatments can help you have a more pleasant and natural child birth, making the delivery process less painful and shorten the recovery time.