Brief History of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors have been helping people for various problems with the body since 1895. Even though this is a well established medical profession and form of treatment, there are still many people that don’t understand or believe in chiropractic treatments. Much of this mistrust is because of an illegal conspiracy from the medical industry to eliminate chiropractors. Over the years, the benefits of chiropractic care have proven to overcome any obstacles that have stood in its way. This article will try to help you understand more about the profession and how chiropractic treatments have become an accepted form of treatment for many problems throughout the body.

Daniel David Palmer is credited as being the first chiropractor and was actually put in jail several times for practicing medicine without a license. D.D. Palmer is said to have found a correlation with spinal subluxations, deafness, and heart problems, which prompted him to further his research in chiropractic treatments. Although his findings are still somewhat controversial, his research has led to many discoveries about how the alignment of the spine can drastically affect the rest of the body. He continued his chiropractic care and eventually started a school of chiropractic. Today, this school is one of the most respected schools for chiropractors in the world.

Chiropractors and medical doctors may not always see eye to eye when it comes to treating different ailments of the body, but in the end, both professionals want what is best for the patient. However, chiropractors will tend to consider the long term effects that different treatments will have on the body and will search for the root cause of a problem. And rather than using medicines to mask the pain or treat the problem, chiropractors adjust the body to help it heal itself and restore balance in the body. Drugs and medicines can have a long term negative effect on the body and can even cause greater problems than they were meant to fix. This is why most chiropractors will help their patients avoid putting drugs, chemicals, or other toxins into their bodies.

Since the entire body is controlled by the nerves running through the spine, it’s easy to understand why a misaligned spine can cause so many problems throughout the body. A Chiropractor can help re-align the spine to get the entire body functioning the way it was meant to. This will help the body naturally heal many problems that may have occurred before the adjustments, not to mention the pain that can be relieved once the body is back to its proper position.

Chiropractors have been through many hardships throughout history and each and every time, the practice survives because of the tremendous benefits that result from these treatments. If you are in doubt of what a chiropractor can do to improve your health, please visit an office near you and speak with a chiropractor personally so you can make the best decisions about your health and well-being.

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